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Unique design that won’t break the bank

We understand the importance of not only functional design, but unique design as well. We are here to take your vision for the ideal office space and go above and beyond to make it better than you even imagined.

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Value Engineering

In our commercial office builds, we especially have an eye for detail. Montante Construction will walk through your budget so you understand where you can use more cost-effective materials or invest in a key client area. We will work with any budget to create something that beats your expectations.


Strategic, Modern Touches

We can use unconventional materials like aluminum or wood panels, plus include your brands and colors in your office concept. It’s not just about being flashy, though. We take the time to really understand how your office is going to function and how you are going to use the space.


Choosing the Right Site

Montante Construction will lead the way in the field to help you select the right site for your commercial office. We’ll take all considerations into mind; including street-facing office options, intuitive visitor access, well-designed landscaping, and easily-accessible visitor parking. We work with urban planning and municipal zoning standards to promote compatible land use and vibrant neighborhoods.


Designed with Usefulness in Mind

Montante Construction designs with the end-use in mind. We partner with designers who create big, open spaces, place columns in areas that make sense, and create efficient setups to save you time and money. We create floor plans that promote smooth foot traffic, productivity, and team interaction. Our designs make sure there’s the right power, shelving, or meeting areas for your business.

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