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Leaders on and off the field

Led by some of the preeminent construction professionals in the region, Montante Construction helps clients define and manage the scope, schedule, budget, and ultimate completion of construction projects of every size and complexity. We believe in an unwavering commitment to quality and safety during every phase of construction.

Company Values

We are passionate about delivering excellent projects for our customers. We know how to build, but a successful construction project takes more than that. We develop lasting relationships. We work hard. We treat people fairly. We get the job done right.


Safety is Our Highest Priority

Everyone benefits from a safe working environment. We have a detailed company safety manual and prioritize safety training for all our personnel. We want everyone to get home safely at the end of each day.


We Do What We Say

At the end of the day, we take our promises and commitments seriously. Whether that means calling you back when we say we will or achieving an agreed-upon timeline, Montante Construction is built on reliability.


We Build Long-Term Relationships

We understand that every construction project is made up of real people making decisions and investing in the results. It’s why our people prioritize conversation, communication, and connection as the cornerstones of every project.


No Project is Too Complex

Our experience allows us to manage complexity so our clients can focus on the bigger picture. We don’t run from a challenge - our planning, transparency and expertise allow us to navigate hurdles and roadblocks without interrupting our progress.


We Invest in Our Team

We rely on the right team of people to get the job done. We ensure our team has the best tools and equipment to succeed. We provide both construction and business-specific training to all personnel. Our highly trained team is our biggest asset.


We Lead On and Off the Field

Getting the job done right requires diligent effort both in-office and on-site. Our meticulous planning allows us to keep our project leaders on-site as much as possible for maximum oversight and coordination.

Douglas Elia

President, Montante Construction

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Robert Peters

Vice President, Montante Construction

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Matthew Montante

Chief Operating Officer, Montante Group

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Company History

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Montante Construction was established in 2013 as the newest arm of the Montante Group. The company serves a growing list of clients in and out of Western New York, while also providing support to its sister companies: TM Montante Development and Montante Solar.

Montante Construction is led by Douglas Elia, a leading construction industry professional who has managed an impressive portfolio of commercial, municipal, medical, academic, and civic construction projects throughout his career.

Whether new construction, expansions, or complex projects like historical renovations, Montante Construction views every project as a turning point for their clients and the surrounding community.



The Montante Group

Montante Construction is proud to be part of the Montante Group family of companies. This group, including TM Montante Development, Montante Construction and Montante Solar, often works in tandem to create seamless experiences for our customers. Though each company works on independent projects, our customers benefit from the broad range of in-house expertise generated from our cooperative business model.

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