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Aligned expectations

There are many things to consider when planning your medical building construction, such as clinic access, navigation, examining rooms, and consulting rooms. Montante Construction will make sure we are in alignment with your expectations for quality care every step of the way.

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Mindful Design

Besides the technical requirements, we understand your practices are a place of healing for patients. Our partners will ensure that your medical building is designed to be accessible to all kinds of people, with an intuitive flow that makes navigation a breeze. Our partners also utilize positive-influencing amenities like fountains and plants to give patients and their families a calm, tranquil, healing space.


Constructed to a Careful Standard

We follow all standards and guidelines required, with specific and careful consideration for accessibility and flow. Montante Construction can accommodate a broad spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options for your patients. We are experienced in designing and constructing clean rooms, working with special HVAC considerations, and utility needs.


Choosing the Right Site

For medical services, the right location is crucial to patient wellness and accessibility. Many medical buildings are at least a 30-minute drive for most residents, making them a struggle to visit. Montante Construction will work with you to find the best, most accessible location for your needs and the needs of your patients or clients.


Accessible, Even During Construction

We know that you can’t easily stop your services for weeks or months while a project is being completed. Your patients will not take a backseat during construction. That is why we will roll out a phased building plan, with special accomodations for safety, as well as noise and dust reduction to make sure your practice can continue operating smoothly, without distraction.

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