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Industry is the lifeblood of our local economies. When it comes to construction for your business, Montante Construction knows how important it is to get the job done right and on time for you. We’ll make sure your plans meet all your unique needs, while also meeting permit requirements and exacting standards from local, state, and federal agencies.

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Choosing the Right Site

We focus heavily on site selection to make sure it can accommodate all your needs, while making the traffic and pedestrian patterns flow efficiently. Montante Construction knows you may have needs or special conveyance requirements such as 24/7 shipping and receiving, accessible nearby air or railroad transportation, or access to major highways.


Understanding Requirements

We’ll take the time to understand your exact needs and requirements, making sure there’s the right power, shelving, or docking areas for your business. We'll recommend the best materials based on your budget, without skimping on quality.


Meticulous Planning

We front-load our planning to ensure we’re prepared for every project. We do detailed drawing and site reviews before suggesting timelines and costs. The result? You get a proposal that’s a detailed, realistic picture of how Montante Construction can complete your project, with no surprises down the road.


Designed with Usefulness in Mind

Montante Construction designs with the end-use in mind. We partner with the best designers who create big, open spaces, place columns in areas that make sense, and create efficient setups to save you time and money. We make sure to create floor plans that promote smooth foot traffic and focus on coordinating manufacturing and distribution.

Amazon Last Mile Distribution Facility

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Bridgestone APM

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